Lifesmart in Iran

About Lifesmart

Lifesmart in Iran

No one thought that a new and young Brand can dominate the smart market in Asia and Europe. Lifesmart was establishes in 2013 in China which enjoys young and International team passionate in creating new and exciting “Internet of Things” related technologies. Lifesmart not only introduce its products in china, but also rapidly expanding in the global market.

Lifesmart in Iran


When Farasmart group got to know the facilities and profits laid in

 Lifesmart, decided to introduce these products to Iranian people. Farasmart believes that Lifesmart has potential capacities to be one of famous and well-known Brands in the region. Working with Lifesmart appliance and application is so easy and that everyone can enjoy that. Farasmart group provides necessary information  to all Iranian people who like to get to know with Lifesmart. Everyone can purchase products of Lifesmart in  Iran By visiting this page. Farasmart is the first and only company which introduces Lifesmart smart home solution in Iran


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