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Broadlink has become one of the famous home smart companies over the world. Just a few years after foundation, Broadlink has presented a various kind of products in field of   smart home solutions and security systems such as smart plugs, switches and Security products.

Based on the young and well-educated experts working in Broadlink, It could Conquere new markets by introducing High-Tec and affordable products.

Broadlink in Iran

After just only few years, Broadlink products reached the market of Iran, the most populated and growing market in Middle East and western Asia. Farasmart as an active company in smart home activates is proud of importing, selling and giving support to Broadlink customers in Iran.

برودلینک RM-PRO


Farasmart is directly connected with Broadlink experts to give the best support to Iranian people and also people in the region. Farasmart has established an online shopping website ( to introduce all products of Broadlink in Iran. All products of Broadlink has one year of guarantee by Farasmart which provides the facility for users to utility the smart home appliances without any concern.

If your eager to purchase Broadlink prouducts in Iran, please click here.

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