orvibo in Iran

About Orvibo

Orvibo in Iran

Orvibo is one of the famous high-tech companies which is active in smart home since 2011. Over these days, Orvibo did the best to produce high quality related with green office system, smart home, smart community and hotel system

By utilizing well-trained and young employees, Orvibo has gained many Adwards such as German iF, Taiwan Golden Point Design, Japan Good Design Being, etc


Orvibo in Iran

Farasmart as a smart home company is the product disturber of Orvibo in Iran. Farasmart sells Orvibo products directly to customers who are eager to use smart home appliances in their homes and offices

Farasmart has established an online shopping which presents Orvibo products in Persian (local language in Iran). Farasmart provides many facilities for Iranian people who are eager to work with Orvibo products in Iran including selling, technical support and Guaranty of Orvibo products

As a young and new company with a lot of useful experiences in construction filed, Farasmart tends to absorb new customers to Orvibo products By introducing the advantages and profits laid in it.

orvibo enoy

 To get to know the Orvibo products presented by Farasmart , please click here

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